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Monday, October 14

Cat Door Auckland


Magnetic cat doors

Tired of stray cats entering your house and eating your cat’s food? Well say goodbye to the unwanted cats in your house. Auckland Cat doors offers magnetic cat doors. So how does it all work? The door is built with a magnetic device, which will respond to the magnet that is attached to your cats collar. Two magnetic are supplied with each installation. The system does not require any batteries so your cat will not be locked outside . This system gives your cat the freedom to enter and exit the house. The  magnetic cat door is also very safe for your companion leaving you with one less thing to worry about. We at Allied Glass will come to your home to fit the cat door Auckland for you, with no fuss and hassles. Try us and you will not be disappointed with the product and services we offers.

New Microchip Pet Door

These pet doors  have been designed to recognise either the microchip already implanted in your pet door or the Sureflap RFID Collar Tag ( one included with install) allowing access to your pet whilst keeping out intruding animals. Our home becomes a secure environment for you and your pet, leading to a happier, more relaxed pet.

·         For Multi pets the Microchip Pet Door will remember up to 32 different pets. When programming the door, simply program for the first pet then repeat the process for each pet after that.

·         If your pet can not be micro chipped you can opt for the Sureflap RFID Collar Tag. This tag is a small light weight tag that attaches directly to your pets collar. The Tag has its own unique code to prevent any non-resident pets, stays or wild animals from entering the home.

The new Sureflap Pet Doors come with a couple of special extras that the Sureflap Cat Door does not have

·         Curfew Mode. This mode allows the pet to exit during a certain time of the day

·         Timid Pet Mode. In this mode the door waits longer before locking the door after opening for the pet, which is useful if they back out in response to the slight click of the lock.

·         Intruder Mode. This mode registers the presence of an intruder trying to enter the house and closed the outer lock to prevent the door being pulled open outwardly.

All Sureflap products comes with a 3 year warranty

Installation and replacement

Our glass and pet door installation and repair specialists can come to your home or office in Auckland when you need us. We provide glass and pet door installations, repair services that you can count on to last. Allied glass will remove, replace and install new glass on-site.

Looking for the right door for your furry friend?

Call 0800 787 792 or send us a message for more information!

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